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Frequently Asked Questions


Describe to me step by step how your service works?

  • Step 1) You start by choosing one of our memberships, complete payment and joining. click here to start.

  • Step 2) After joining our site you'll be given a "username and password" that you'll use to sign into the member area each time you visit.

  • Step 3) Log into the members area and follow the simple steps to activate our lead generation system

  • Step 4) You'll also have full access to our full database of important tools, information, and resources which will further assist you in growing your business

Which membership do you recommend?

  • If you're on a budget then join as a Basic Member. However if you want to maximize your long term effectiveness, then we'd recommend our VIP Membership. Our VIP Membership is designed for serious Realtors who place a high value on their career success. The difference between the memberships is mainly the "price and time frame" of each. The best value is our VIP Membership.

Can I target buyers and sellers in my local area?

  • Yes you can target in on just your: neighborhood, city, county, state/prov. Or any combination of these. This will allow you to get the most optimal local leads possible.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

  • We're so confident that our membership will help you to find the right venture capital partner that we want you to try it risk free. Try our memberships for a full 60 days and if for any reason you don't find funding after trying it, then let us know and we will refund your membership fee on the spot, with no questions asked, and no hard feelings either. So you really have nothing to lose by joining now


How quickly will I start getting leads after joining as a member?

  • You could potentially start seeing a solid stream of leads in about 1-2 weeks time after you activate the system.

Explain the difference between Realtor and Broker Memberships?

  • Realtor membership are designed to accomodate 1 Realtor. While Broker Memberships are a membership that would cover an entire office. So if you have say 20 Realtors working in an office, and if you're a Broker, you'd purchase a Broker Membership and that way all 20 members can use the membership. Which is also why it's a bit more expensive than just our individual Realtor memberships.

Is this service available just for Realtors in the USA or world wide?

  • Worldwide

What payment methods are there?

  • At this time we only accept checks and Bitcoin payments. Due to the slightly larger amounts we're working with we need to ensure that payments are completed.

How many leads will your system generate for me?

  • The volume of leads will go up and up over time. In the first short time after you join you might only see about 5-10 per week. Gradually it will continue to increase until you're getting that many per day. And if you really maximize the system to it's full capacity you could easily see 20-50 per day (which is not uncommon).

How will these leads contact me?

  • These are local buyers and sellers who will contact you by: phone, email, text message and or via your social media (ie: Facebook)

Do I have to buy these leads that come in?

  • No. The leads that our system generates for you will always be free. It's part of being a member.

What is your privacy policy?

  • Click here to read our privacy policy. Your information will never be shared with anyone. We maintain the highest levels of security for our clients

Do I need any specialized skills?

  • You don't need any specialized skills. Some work is required but it's very simply steps. So if you can join a website like Facebook then that's about the extent of any technical skills required. The system is extremely easy to use.

What exactly is your refund policy?

  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee for 60 days. So if you have any issues we will work to address them within the first 60 days. However due to the fact that service does require some time commitment on our part of provide and maintain, we simply do not provide any refunds, all sales are final. That said, we promise to go the extra mile in helping you to increase yoru leads and sales, the same way we have done for countless Realtors around the world.

How do I know your service will work to increase my sales?

  • This service has worked for hundreds of Realtors across the country and around the globe. It's been time tested and proven to work. This is by far the safest, fastest, and easiest system around, to get more clients and sell more properties. You have our full assurance that this will work for you.

What else do I need to know?

  • This service is a great way to increase your overall leads and sales volume. Be sure to join today and get started before the competition in your area finds out about this. If you still have some questions people email them to us here. Thank you.



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